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First type : Skimmer pool

Skimmer swimming pool of the system is one of the most common types of swimming pools spread as it is suitable for all areas, especially small and it depends on the cycle of filtering on the skimmer unit, which is called the bathroom attributed to it and the advantages of this type it provides in the area where it does not need a balance tank That is, it is only the body of the bathroom and the pump room. The water level inside the bathroom is about 10 to 12 cm from the surface of the bathroom, but all that the customer sees.

Second type : Overflow pool

Overfloor swimming pool is one of the most authentic systems, since it is one of the oldest bathrooms designed as it consists of the initial body of the bathroom which is chosen by some customers in addition to the flow of the flow, which is named after the bathroom is a concrete course installed in the bathroom body Ceramic and covered with jerryls or marble according to the shape and desire of the customer and adds a beautiful form of the bathroom as the water passes through the gorillas, making the voice of the water purifier and a small waterfall in addition to the shape of the bathroom is full of the other but it needs a balancing tank.

Third type : Horizon pool

Horizon swimming pool is one of the finest swimming pools in the form of a system, combining the advantages of previous systems from an integrated form inside and outside, as well as the balancing tank, pump chamber, the Horizon, interior and exterior ceramics, the big filter of water and the shape of the water outside and accompanied by a purl.